home I biography I gallery I orders I contact __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ josep domingo - sunday I was born on the 30th April 1960 in Barcelona. And I’m the proud father of a fantastic son and a gorgeous daughter. Coming back to my birthday, it seems that my brother, who was in those days two years old, wanted to offer me a little model plumbed car as a present. But, the little car slipped from his hands and knocked my head. Neither me, nor anybody else know if there exists any relationship between this fact and my deep passion for motor racing. But the fact is that from my earliest thoughts, my only life goal was and still is to be seated behind the wheel of a racing car. As the great   pre-war German racing driver Rudolf Caracciola said, “Only racing is living, all the other is simply waiting” my life is like this”. Between 1980 and 1987 I took part in some 50 events; most of them were rallies, hill climbs and some races. In 2003 I came back taking part in the Barcelona 24 hours race and from 2008 and still today I use to take part in vintage races. But my racing career was officially closed in 1987, when, short of money, I was obliged to say good bay to the racing competition. Usually finishing among the first 5 classifieds, often on the podium and sometimes wining, I went home with the intimate feeling that I was a little bit talented. A feeling good for nothing, but for your own satisfaction: I tried it (certainly hard) and I enjoyed it! Once closed the competition door, I re- started my preparation in Mkt and Business (I’m MBE) in order to find a “normal” job. However, the passion springs out of control, and my way to show it, is by expressing it in water paints and drawings.  Taking advantage of some skills for drawing which comes from my youth and encouraged by my family and friends, I have decided to show my work throughout this fantastic worldwide window which is Internet. According my particular way of thinking, my work is inspired in motor racing till de 1980’s. I hope you enjoy them! Josep Domingo.